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Melissa R Enoch Introduction 

With nearly 30 years in the fields of substance use disorders and mental health disorders; Melissa R Enoch endeavors to continue to educate, enrich and enlighten generations to come.  


Melissa Enoch has spoken for many conferences within her field including NAADAC, The Associaion for Addiction Professionals, North Carolina Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Studies, Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, The North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors and National Alliance on Mental Illness. 


Melissa has engaged thousands of mental health and substance use professionals, business owners and clients during her tenure about the short and long term effects of alcohol and drug use, the Effectiveness of Community Involvement and the Challenges of Change.  


Melissa is known for her book "The Strength of Her Words" and the founding of Women of Strength, an organization designed to help women (specifically human services professionals) communicate more freely.  



I can talk to a duck, how to better communicate with others


My Only Always Trusted Adult, a presentation sharing the difference having a trusted adult in changing the course of life


Resilience:Your Ending is Better than Your Beginning, what to do when you've always been the strong one


The Challenge of Change, the importance of understanding change before a crisis


Maintaining Gratitude 


Effectiveness of Community Involvement, we are all connected one way or another (could be titled degrees of separation)

Domestic Violence 


Writing Your Story


Working with the Faith Community 

Health and Well Being, you should always come first


Stress, don't let the silence fool you


Using the DSM, I've Got 99 Problems, But being saved isn't one of them


Motivational Interviewing, it's your choice


Marketing Your Business, how to develop relationships


Substance Abuse Cultural Evidenced Based Treatment


Evidenced Based Treatment 




Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas


Grant Seeking 


Proposal Writing 


5 Pillars of Health-Financial 


5 Pillars of Health-Spiritual


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52 Businesses 


This year was very challenging, but it increased my faith and allowed me to operate in Hebrews 11:1 Now Faith. 


Here is the list, my goal was to develop a manual that goes with the list to share that whatever you purpose your mind to do, God will help bring it through.


When my father passed away, 2003 one of my biggest regrets was that he did not live to see my visions come to life.This sadness propelled me to compose the book “The Strength of her Words” published 2004.  (Old and New Edition Can be found on Amazon) Gratefully, I finished this book prior to my grandmother passing 2004.   


Also, my mother was able to share in many of these and some were even dedicated to her before her passing (Vivian Moore Jeffries Scholarship Fund).


As with 2020, this year my vision is to further this vision as God gave it to me and desire your prayers as this goes forth.


Beginning 2020, New Vision, New You; I shared with my Pastor that by the end of 2020, I would have 52 businesses.  This book will share some of my journey towards business focus and how other can utilize the information provided in order to have the freedom to choose from several careers leading to a greater sense of freedom. 

This journey started many years ago, when I decided to replicate the idea of oatmeal cookies 5 for a quarter from the elementary school.  I decided to find a way to make cookies and sold them in the neighborhood.  I did not know then, but the amount of products that it took to make was dramatically more than the twenty-five cents that I was charging.  My mother was not too upset, but I later learned that I had used a lot of products, including oatmeal, sugar, flour and time spent preparing the recipe, cooking and packaging it for distribution.  I learned then that I needed to consult with someone prior to deciding to produce a product. 

As I grew older, I began realizing that there were few opportunities for women and women were being steered into careers that involved home economics and other women-oriented careers.   When I arrived at college, I had decided that I would be the epitome of the appropriate female oriented positions as a teacher; but this did last very long as I decided to dis-enroll myself from the middle grades education program and declared undecided until I could figure it out.


While in college, I obtained began focusing on psychology, but still had no idea of what I wanted to do with the degree of psychology, minor in sociology.  I continued my education afterwards, attending community college with human services specialization in chemical dependency.  I had managed to gain employment as a third shift employee of a detoxification facility.  This required staying up all night and I would be assigned the front desk where a nap was not permitted.  So, I started typing the class notes and would sell them to other students.


I moved out of the dorms into some apartments with a roommates, but due to a misunderstanding, I ended up alone trying to pay rent and started thinking of other ways to make extra money.  I would go clean stadiums, but the work was nasty and required long hours that interfered with my full time employment. 


I started making floral arrangements and began selling these to co-workers for their homes and for events.  I had started attending small business classes to learn more about the operation of business and learned that there were rules that had to be followed in order to have a small business.  I began collecting this information and started my business, naming it M.E. Creations as an ode to the various items that I would make during times when I wasn’t working, bored and trying to change negative behaviors. 


This would be the start of my pursuit to operate a business rather than continuing to be an employee.  However, I was unsure of how I could grow my business to replace my employment, my benefits and my retirement package.  I continued making floral arrangements, but graduated to jewelry, stained wood and photography. 


1.  Talk with Trinity Podcast

2.  Doterra

3.  Trinity Counseling Services LLC (Charlotte)

4.  Trinity Counseling Services LLC (Burlington)

5.  Women of Strength

6.  The Strength of Her Words Book 

7.  Beautiful and Gracious 

8.  SAMHSA Grant Reviewer 

9.  Event Planner 

10. Balloons and Events

11. Host and Hostess 

12. Online Therapy

13. Clinical Supervision

14. Employee Assistance Program

15. PTO Treasurer (Haw River Elementary School) 2019-2022 (Past)

16. Substance Abuse Professional

17. Recovery Month Event 

18. Choose Recovery

19. Beautiful and Gracious Media 

20. Notary

21. Jobs

22. Vivian Jeffries Scholarship

23. Birthday Month 

24. Newspaper 

25. Book Publisher

26. Editor

27. Performance Venue 

28. Recording Studio 

29. Bookstore 

30. Community Center 

31. Rental Properties 

32. Cemetary Recorder 

33. Geneologist  My Heritage

34. Documentarian 

35. Researcher 

36. Historian 

37. Artist 

38. NC DWI Providers 

39. Bee Balm Wellness

40. Business Consultant

41. Speaker

42. Caretaker 

43. Writer 

44. Library thing 

45. Author 

46. Practice Consultant

47. Youtuber

48. Photographer 

49. Etsy Shop/Jewelry Maker 

50. Tik Tok 

51. Healer 

52. Minister



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